Kristy Eléna is a self-taught multi-media painter who identifies most closely with the popsurrealism movement. Her subjects are typically every-day heroines driven to the outskirts of their own sanity. Her themes range from societal sexism, to the juxtaposition of conflicting ideas. Stylistically, Kristy adores Japanese animation and its influence can be noted in her work. 

Though Kristy has been drawing and painting her whole life, she did not pursue artwork professionally until 2014. Her professional background is in video production and fashion where she worked for many years in New York. In 2011, while living for a stint in Milan, Kristy became one of the highest-paid fashion bloggers in the world by winning a national competition for a major corporation. The characters she met and the experiences she had in the fashion industry propelled in a different direction. Many of Kristy's experiences from work-place sexism to social interactions became inspiration fodder for the concepts she uses in her work.

Her love of design is something that has remained with her. Kristy and her husband and fellow artist, Taylor Bowen, create together a unique, art-based brand called Rotten Status which focuses on hand-made items that have been designed entirely by them.